Pedigree of Little Eden Strut for SCA

Name:Little Eden Strut  DOB:09/11/2001   Sex:Male   SCA:Normal   Test:
Offspring:Little Eden Stroll Offspring:Woofgang Stash Offspring:Venery Chip Offspring:Little Eden Sashay Offspring:Little Eden Sangria Offspring:Little Eden Leo Offspring:Little Eden Leela Offspring:Little Eden Brianna Offspring:Little Eden Vixen Offspring:Little Eden Turbo Offspring:Little Eden Intensity Offspring:Little Eden Cleo Offspring:Little Eden Roxy Offspring:Little Eden Swagger Offspring:Woofgang Talon Offspring:Conquest Rider Offspring:Shingle Oak Salute Offspring:Reynard's Folly Radiance Offspring:Shingle Oak Logic Offspring:Cairnbrae Tabitha Offspring:SeaDog Stride Offspring:Conquest Gusty Offspring:Ravenwolf Gryffindor Offspring:Smilin' Jack Athena Offspring:Smilin' Jack Arctic Blast Offspring:Littlefields Milkman Offspring:Reynard's Folly Spartan Offspring:Little Eden Tango Offspring:Thornbush Sumac Offspring:Woofgang Wish Offspring:Sandburs Kindle Offspring:Little Eden Extreme Offspring:Shingle Oak Lolita Offspring:Conquest Strip Her Offspring:Shingle Oak Legacy 
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsG-G-Great Grandparents
Fox Run Rivet
SCA: Normal
Test # 36309
Little Eden Bagpiper
SCA: No Results
Round The Bend Wrinkle
SCA: No Results

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