Pedigree of Avalanche Acres Luna for PLL

Name:Avalanche Acres Luna  DOB:09/29/2016   Sex:Female   PLL:Normal By Descent   Test:
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsG-G-Great Grandparents
Shingle Oak Logic
PLL: Normal By Descent
Little Eden Strut
PLL: Normal
Test # 39417
Fox Run Rivet
PLL: Normal
Test # 36309
Little Eden Bagpiper
PLL: Normal
Test # 39431
Round The Bend Wrinkle
PLL: Carrier
Test # 39415
Little Eden Layla
PLL: Normal By Descent
Big Smith Spanky
PLL: Normal
Test # 68074
Little Eden Lofty
PLL: Normal
Test # 68077
PLL: Normal
Test # PLL1558/30F
Avalanche Acres Jade
PLL: Normal By Descent
Lost Creek Eros
PLL: Normal
Test # 42092
White Gate Bardot
PLL: Normal
Test # 69536
Lilliput Ruse
PLL: Normal
Test # 69540

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